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        1. Contact Us

          Whatever you need, whenever you need it.

          Call Discover 24/7, 365.

          Open an account, or bank by phone 1-800-347-7000
          For calls from a TDD/TTY device 1-800-347-7454
          Online Banking Technical Support 1-800-290-9885
          Discover Student Deposits Program 1-800-767-7344
          Account Agreement 1-800-983-1245
          Report phishing & fraudulent activity 1-877-737-1931
          Identity Verification 1-866-598-7726
          Inactive Accounts 1-888-204-8999
          For calls outside the U.S.1-302-323-7810

          Contact Discover by mail.

          For checking and savings accounts

          General Correspondence Discover Bank
          PO Box 30416
          Salt Lake City, UT 84130

          For new accounts and deposits

          Discover Bank
          PO Box 30417
          Salt Lake City, UT 84130

          For retirement accounts

          New IRA Accounts, Contributions and General Correspondence. Discover Bank
          PO Box 30418
          Salt Lake City, UT 84130